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  Section: Edible Plant Species
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Edible Plant Species

Aberia (Doryalis)* caffra Harv. & Sond. Bixineae (Flacourtiaceae). KAI APPLE. KAU APPLE. KEI APPLE.
(*Currently recognized genus and family are in parenthesis - as defined by Willis, 8th edition - MM)
South Africa.
The fruits are of a golden-yellow color, about the size of a small apple. They are used by the natives for making a preserve and are so exceedingly acid when fresh that the Dutch settlers prepare them for their tables, as a pickle, without vinegar.

Abronia arenaria Menzies. Nyctagineae.
Seashore of Oregon and California.
The root is stout and fusiform, often several feet long. The Chinook Indians eat it.

A plant common within the tropics in the Old World, principally upon the shores. The beauty of the seeds, their use as beads and for necklaces, and their nourishing qualities, have combined to scatter the plant. The seeds are used in Egypt as a pulse, but Don says they are the hardest and most indigestible of all the pea tribe. Brandis says the root is a poor substitute for licorice.

Abutilon esculentum A. St. Hil. Malvaceae.
The Brazilians eat the corolla of this native plant cooked as a vegetable.

A. indicum Sweet
Old World tropics.
The raw flowers are eaten in Arabia. The leaves contain a large quantity of mucilage.

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