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  Section: Edible Plant Species
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Edible Plant Species

Yucca acaulis H. B. & K. Liliaceae (Agavaceae). MAGUEY.
The sweet and fermented juice of this plant yields a spirit by distillation; the young leaves are eaten.

Y. baccata Ton. SPANISH BAYONET.
Southwestern North America and Mexico.
The fruit is the size of a large fig with a sweet, edible pulp. The Indians of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah are very fond of the fruit and dry it for winter use. The young flower-buds, when about to expand, are also roasted but to Whites are insipid food. Bartlett saw in an Apache camp a pot of the flowers boiling for food.

Y. filamentosa Linn. ADAM'S NEEDLE. NEEDLE PALM.
Southwestern North America.
This yucca bears large, fleshy fruits which are edible; they are called datile. The fruit, the size of a peach, is used as an article of food.

Y. glauca Nutt.
The plant bears an edible fruit often three inches long and one-half inch across.

Y. treculeana Carr.
Mexico and western Texas.
The fruit is said to resemble a pawpaw and to be edible.

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