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  Section: Genetics » Lethality and Interaction of Genes
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Additional interactions involving two gene pairs

Lethality and Interaction of Genes
Interaction of genes
Abbreviated genotypic ratio
Two gene pairs affecting same character
Complementary genes
Duplicate genes
Additional interactions involving two gene pairs
Interactions between more than two gene pairs
Modifiers, suppressors and pleiotropic genes
Meiotic drive, segregation distortion and selfish genes
Penetrance and expressivity

As we have seen in the previous examples, the abbreviated genotypic ratio 9AB : 3Ab : 3aB : lab gets variously modified, because two or more of these abbreviated genotypes give the same phenotype. We have thus found that 9:3:3:1 ratio gets modified into 9 : 3 : 4, 9 : 7 and 15:1 in three situations of epistasis, complementation, and duplication. One can think of several other possibilities giving ratios like 13 : 3, 12 : 3 : 1, 9:6: 1. Some of these examples are summarized in Table 3.6.

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