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  Section: Introduction to Botany » Ecology
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  Plant Ecology
  The Global-Warming Controversy
  Ecological Interrelationships
  Natural Recycling
  Plant Succession

While several species of sphagnum moss grow in bogs, each one occupies its own ecological niche. One species grows at the bottom of wet hollows, another species at the sides of hummocks, and still another at the drier portions on the tops of hummocks. Because they each have their own differing requirements and separate places, no one of the species tends to crowd another. Although they exist in close proximity, they do not grow in the same climate. Again, plants grow where they can grow.

The only climate to which a plant can respond is a climate that touches it. A plant does not respond, for example, to the temperature one inch away or to water and minerals two millimeters away from its root tips. The climate to which a plant responds, then, is the microclimate, the climate that touches the plant. The previously cited examples of sphagnum moss speak to this.


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