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  Section: Introduction to Botany » Roots
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Contributors to Root Growth

  Contributors to Root Growth
  Root Hairs
  Structure of a Root
  Casparian Strip
  Root Growth

The root system may be ten times the diameter of the aboveground portion of a tree.
Figure 33-1 The root system may be
ten times the diameter of the
above ground portion of a tree.
Like stems, roots grow in length only at the tips. Although they grow where moisture occurs, moisture is not the only requirement for their growth. Sugar produced in the leaves by photosynthesis is also necessary, as are hormones, which are also produced in the leaves. Hormones must be transported from the leaves to the roots in order to influence root growth. Temperature; the presence of minerals and fungi; and acidity or alkalinity are other important factors in both root and plant growth. In addition to moisture, air in the soil is also significant. Interestingly, the roots of a pear tree can spread to nine or more times the diameter of the above ground portion of the tree yet not reach much depth.


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