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  Section: Kingdom Plantae » Genus
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These plants are from tropical Asia and Africa. They are grown for their ornamental foliage in homes and greenhouses and outdoors where climates allow. They produce tufts of long-stemmed, lanceolate to narrowly ovate, dark green leaves that may be from 6 to 12 inches long; they may be smeared with pale silvery green, gray-green or gray-white. In the summer, small, white or greenish-white spathes will grow.

These plants should have moist, but well drained, heavy soil. It will live for long periods in water and in spots with poor light, though bright, indirect sunlight or partial shade is best. Water moderately and maintain a fairly humid atmosphere. Keep them drier throughout the winter.

New plants may be started by division or cutting off the top and replanting it in the summer.

  • A. commutatum;
  • A. modestum;
  • A. costatum;
  • A. Roebelinii;
  • A. oblongifolium;
  • A. oblongifolium variety Curtisii;
  • A. pictum;
  • A. pictum variety tricolor;
  • A. angustifolium;
  • A. siamense;
  • A. simplex;
  • A. pseudo-bracteatum;
  • A. marantifolium variety tricolor.

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