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  Section: Kingdom Plantae » Genus
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A. ficoidea is a tender, aquatic perennial and is commonly known as Alligator Weed and Parrot Leaf. This dwarf plant only grows 2 inches high. Its narrowly oval, green leaves have wavy edges and are variegated with red, orange and yellow. Its variety, versicolor, grows a foot high and wide. Its rounded to spoon-shaped leaves are tinged with yellow, red and brown.

Plant them in gallon containers and grow in very wet soil or very shallow water. They should be brought into a greenhouse during the winter and provided with strong light.

They may be divided in the spring or tip cuttings may be taken.

  • A. ficoidea & var. versicolor;
  • A. rosefolia (mostly red foliage);
  • A. bettzickiana (green foliage);
  • A. sessilis (bronze foliage);
  • A. variegata (variegated foliage).

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