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In recent days terrace gardens are becoming an essential feature of modern gardens. This is an open, often paved area connected to a house and serving as outdoor living area. It forms a natural link between the garden and the house. It may be of various sizes and of attractive shapes. Terraces are constructed not only to improve the look of garden but it serves few other purposes also. Terraces can be made at any level in the garden.

The paving of the terrace can be done by flagstone, brick concrete, gravel or even of wood. Care should be taken while selecting the color and texture of paving material which should blend with surrounding. This creates interest in small areas which bring joy and beauty of growing things close paving room and dining room windows.

The plants are cultivated in pots and raised beds. The potted plants have different shapes of pots and generally decorative potted plants are grown. In raised beds, generally annuals with beautiful flowers are grown.

The terrace gardens are constructed for several reasons like
1) an outdoor area for sitting and dinning,
2) dirt-free area for children's playing, and
3) cultivation of potted plants and in raised bed.