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Alabama A&M University

  Alabama A&M University
  Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries
  Auburn University
  Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund
  Tuscaloosa Community Supported Agriculture Project
  Tuskegee University

Program Description
Alabama A&M University has several programs designed to enhance the quality of life and economic opportunities for small farms, limited resource and underserved communities.

Some of these programs include:
  • The Small Farmer Outreach and Technical Assistance Program
  • Risk Management Education and Community Outreach Program
  • Food Safety Education for Goats, Fruits & Vegetable Producers
  • Women in Agriculture Program
  • Southern AgBiotech Consortium for Underserved Communities
  • The Agricultural Resource Development Program
  • The Shiitake Mushroom Program
  • Sustainable Agriculture in the "Classroom"
  • Well Water/Wellhead Protection
  • Evening Primrose
Frequently Asked Questions About On- Farm Poultry Composting (ANR-980, free); Composting Handbook (ANR-692 to ANR-712, $13.00); Organizing Small Communities for Business Retention and Expansion (CRD-059, free); Managing Your Money (HE-022, free); How to Buy and Cook Fresh Vegetables (HE-409 free); Food Preservation in Alabama (HE-001, $6.00); Alabama Blueberries (HE-579, free); Vegetable Gardening Record Sheet (YANR-108a, free); Managing Small Layer of Flocks (YANR)

Duncan M. Chembezi
Small Farms Research Center
Alabama A&M University
P.O. Box 700
Normal, AL 35762
Phone: (256) 372-4970
Fax: (256) 372-5517


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