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Arizona Department of Agriculture

  Arizona Department of Agriculture
  Developing Innovations in Navajo Education
  Dine College
  University of Arizona

Program Description
Our program mission is to stimulate, educate, encourage, and foster the production and consumption of Arizona agricultural products.
The office of Commodity Development and Promotion (CD&P) promotes a "buy local" campaign through the Arizona Grown Program. The program educates the Arizona consumer about the quality, diversity and nutritional value of Arizona agriculture.
Arizona Grown has the following components: Over 100 producers and farmers in the program who use the Arizona Grown logo; Nine retail food chains (comprising over 300 stores) that promote the Arizona Grown message through store bulletins and promotions; Media campaign promoting Arizona grown products, and agricultural events.

Office of Commodity Development and Promotion
Arizona Department of Agriculture
1688 West Adams Street,
Phoenix, AZ 85007,
Phone:(602) 542-0978,
Fax: (602) 542-0969.


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