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Community Food and Agriculture Program

  Cornell University
Community Food and Agriculture Program
Cornell Small Farms Program
NY Farmnet
  Empire State Family Farm Alliance
  Greenmarket Program
  The National Campaign for Sustainable agriculture, Inc
  National Immigrant Farming Initiative
  New Farmer Development Project
  New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets
  Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service
  Rural Development Leadership Network
  The U.S. Composting Council

Program Description
CFAP (formerly the Farming Alternatives Program) was established in 1986 to assist farm families in developing profitable new agricultural enterprises and marketing strategies. Since that time, the program has broadened its focus to develop ways that communities can be built, sustained and strengthened by agriculture and food systems; thus enabling farmers, processors, and other community members to meet their sustenance and social needs through largely local, democratic, and entrepreneurial processes.

CFAP conducts both theoretical and applied research and has an active Extension program through conferences, in-service training, leadership development activities, and publications. Program activities foster collaborative relationships with faculty, staff, and students from across the college of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Human Ecology, and with partner organizations around the state and region.

CFAP is housed in the Department of Development Sociology in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University. Education programs, research, and other activities are conducted throughout New York State.

CFAP publications and ordering information can be found at: community/afs_temp3.cfm?topicID=137

Heidi Mouillesseaux-Kunzman
Cornell University,
216 Warren Hall,
Ithaca, NY 14853.
Phone: (607) 255-9832
Fax: (607) 254-2896


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