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Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture

  Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture
  The Flats Mentor Farm Project
  Growing New Farmers
  Massachusetts Department of Food and Agriculture
  New Entry Sustainable Farming Project
  Organic Trade Association
  The New England Small Farm Institute
  The Organic Foods Production Association of North America
  University of Massachusetts

Program Description
CISA is a community-based non-profit that works to promote the economic, environmental, social and cultural benefits of local agriculture by working with partners to strengthen the relationship between farmers and citizens in the Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts. CISA's programming includes one of the nation's first buy local campaigns "Be a Local Hero, Buy Locally Grown;" technical assistance, workshops and trainings for farmers; market development and business incubation; agriculture-related community education and efforts to increase access to local foods; and agriculture policy.

Harvesting Support for Local Agriculture (Lessons from our own Buy Local Campaign), Creating Successful Agritourism Activities for your Farm, and many tip sheets and one pagers on marketing, outreach etc.

1 Sugarloaf St,
South Deerfield, MA 01373.
Phone: (413) 665-7100
Fax: (413) 665- 7101


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