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Delaware State University

  Delaware Department of Agriculture
  Delaware State University
  University of Delaware

Program Description
The small farm activities which are ongoing at Delaware State University (DSU) are in conjunction with the mission of our 1890 University. DSU continues to strive to meet the needs of small, limited resource family farms. Research and Extension areas include:
  • Ethnic & Alternative Vegetable Crops research & Demonstration to amplify farm profit.
  • Aquaculture research designed to utilize existing farm ponds to increase farm income.
  • Socially Disadvantaged Farm Program in conjunction with the USDA-Consolidated Farm Service Agency goal to increase the opportunities for socially disadvantaged persons to begin family farms or expand existing family farms.
  • Herb & essential oil production to enhance profit on small acreage.
  • Sustainable beef cattle research, utilizing rotational grazing on marginal cropland.
DSU Research and Extension Program philosophy is based on the premise of small farm diversification, producing agricultural products that consumers purchase directly from the farm, compatible with current farm mix and requiring minimal capital investment.
The small farm program at DSU continues to strive and meet the needs of Delaware’s agricultural community.

John W. Clendaniel
Delaware State University
1200 North Dupont Highway,
Dover, DE 19901.
Phone: (302) 857-6425
Fax: (302) 857-6430


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