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Economic Research Service

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  Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
Small farm program
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
  Economic Research Service
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  Food and Nutrition Service
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  University of the District of Columbia

Program Description
ERS provides objective, relevant, and timely economic data and analysis on critical issues involving agriculture, food, natural resources, and rural affairs. ERS staff develop summary economic information on small farms for use by policy makers, program managers, and the general public. The agency also pursues an ongoing research program on small farms, including:
  • Tracing the emergence of viable businesses from startup small farms.
  • Entry and exit of farms.
  • Land resources in small farms.
  • Family farm report: a comprehensive statistical report on U.S. farms.
  • The extent of contracting in U.S. agriculture.
  • Effects of shifts in farm production on the distribution of government payments.
For more information visit the Farm Structure Briefing Room:

James MacDonald, ERS Small Farm
1800 M Street, NW,
Washington, DC.
Phone: (202) 694-5610
Fax: (202) 694-5756

Robert Hoppe
1800 M Street, NW,
Washington, DC 20036-5831.
Phone: (202) 694-5572
Fax: (202) 694-5758

Doris J. Newton
1800 M Street, NW,
Washington, DC.
Phone: (202) 694-5619
Fax: (202) 694-5756

Publications (examples)
  • Agricultural Contracting Update: Contracts in 2003 By James MacDonald and Penni Korb. Economic Information Bulletin No. (EIB9) 26 pp, January 2006
  • Contracts, Markets, and Prices: Organizing the Production and Use of Agricultural Commodities By James MacDonald, Janet Perry, Mary Ahearn, David Banker, William Chambers, Carolyn Dimitri, Nigel Key, Kenneth Nelson, and Leland Southard. Agricultural Economic Report No. (AER837) 81 pp, November (2004 stock #ERSAER837)
  • “Small Farms Can Grow Into Large Enterprises,” by Doris J. Newton Amber Waves, April 2005, volume 3, issue 2. es/April05/Findings/SmallFarmsCan Grow.htm
  • Structural and Financial Characteristics of U.S. Farms: 2004 Family Farm Report, edited by David E. Banker and James M. MacDonald, AIB-797, USDA, Economic Research Service, March 2005.
  • American Farms: ter3.htm#top; Agriculture Fact Book 2001-2002
To request hardcopies of publications: On-line:
By mail: ERS-NASS Order Desk, c/o
NTIS, 5285 Port Royal Road,
Springfield, VA 22161
Phone: USDA Order Desk at 1-800-999- 6779 from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. ET Monday- Friday except Federal holidays. Outside the U.S., please dial (703) 605-6220 Fax (703)321-8547.


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