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EPA’s National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center

  Kansas Black Farmers Association
  EPA’s National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center
  Haskell Indian Nations University
  Kansas Rural Center
  Kansas State University

Program Description
The National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center is the "first stop" for people in the agricultural community who need information about complying with environmental regulations. The Ag Center offers comprehensive, easy-tounderstand information about approaches to compliance that are both environmentally protective and agriculturally sound. The Ag Center also provides information on reducing pollution and making good use of the latest pollution prevention technologies.
Working with USDA and other groups, the Ag Center seeks to increase compliance by helping the agricultural community identify flexible, common sense ways to comply with the environmental requirements that affect their businesses. Growers, livestock producers, other agri-business, and agricultural information and education providers can access the Ag Center’s resources easily via phone, fax, mail, and internet communications.

The user-friendly website is regularly updated and expanded with current news, compliance policies and guidelines, pollution prevention information, sources of additional information and expertise, and summaries of regulatory initiatives and requirements. It also includes compliance oriented publications and brochures on a wide variety of topics including pesticides, animal waste management, groundwater and surface water, tanks and containment, and solid and hazardous waste which can be downloaded or ordered free of charge by contacting the Ag Center.

You can find a complete list of agrelated publications available from the Ag Center at 305-f-02-017.pdf or you can order a copy of the available publications list by calling the Ag Center’s toll-free number: 1-888-663-2155.

Keeping up with the latest regulations can be difficult and time consuming. Subscribe to the Ag Center's FREE email News Service to keep you up to date on EPA news releases, reports, requirements, deadlines, proposed rules and other ag-related developments.

To subscribe to this list, send a blank email to:

Ginah K. Mortensen, Director
EPA’s National Agriculture Compliance
Assistance Center
901 N 5th Street,
Kansas City, KS 66101.
Toll-free Information Line: (888) 663- 2155
Local Phone: (913) 551-7207
Fax: (913) 551-7270


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