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Florida A&M University

  Farmworkers Association of Florida, Inc.
  Florida A&M University
  Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
  University of Florida

Program Description
Small farmers can benefit from diversification into new agricultural enterprises and alternative production practices so as to improve or sustain farm profitability and environmental stewardship. An agricultural education program has been developed to emphasize new or alternative enterprises, new production and marketing practices, diversification, farm operations, and making use of natural resources.
Through on-farm demonstrations, farm visits, workshops, field days, and group meetings, small farmers are taught to:
  1. Utilize new skills and processes to evaluate the production and market potential of alternative agricultural products
  2. Improve resource utilization and profitability while minimizing environmental impacts through adoption of alternative production systems utilizing new and existing technologies and management practices
  3. Increase profitability by using currently recommended practices that are both cost-effective and environmentally sound.
Irish Potatoes; Peppers; Cucumbers; Corn; Eggplants; Snap Beans; Collards; Tomatoes; Grow A Row of Onions; Raising A Small Flock of Goats for Meat and Milk - Selection, Breeding Practices and Feeding the Herd Goat; Growing Christmas Trees; Conducting Livestock Method and Result Demonstrations with Limited Resource Small and Part-time Farmers; How to Manage a Five Sow Program; Simplified Swine Production Practices - Baby Pig Management; Swine Project Demonstration Manual; Goat Project Demonstration Manual; Beef Project Demonstration Manual; Rabbit Project Demonstration Manual; Small Fruit Project Demonstration Manual; Vegetable Project Demonstration Manual.

Cassel S. Gardner
Florida A&M University
Perry-Paige Building, Room 202J,
Tallahassee, FL 32307.
Phone: (904) 599-3546
Fax: (904) 561-2151


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