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Fort Valley State University

  Fort Valley State University
  Georgia Department of Agriculture
  Georgia Organics
  Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
  University of Georgia

Program Description
Educational programs of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Fort Valley State University are designed to assist Georgia families in improving their quality of life through income derived from modern efficient farm practices, innovative marketing approaches, and the conservation of natural resources. Programs are targeted towards small / family farmers, part-time farmers, home gardeners and youth as primary clientele.

Gathering Garden Vegetables at their Peak; The Home Gardening Guide: Extending the Life of Your Summer Garden; Gardening Guidelines for Fall; Pre-Condition House Plants for Winter Home; Treat Your Garden to an Early Check-up; Successful Gardening in Georgia.

Glenwood Hill
Mark Latimore, Jr.
Marc Thomas
Small Farmer Outreach Training and
Technical Assistance Project
Cooperative Extension Program
College of Agriculture, Home Economics,
and Allied Programs
Fort Valley State University,
P. O. Box 4061.
Fort Valley, GA 31030
Phone: (478) 825-6269


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