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Georgia Organics

  Fort Valley State University
  Georgia Department of Agriculture
  Georgia Organics
  Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
  University of Georgia

Program Description
Georgia Organics’ mission is to promote local, organic and sustainable farms and foods for the health of the land and people. Specifically, Georgia Organics works to:
  1. educate farmers and gardeners about organic and sustainable growing;
  2. connect Georgians with farms, farmers, and local markets;
  3. provide consumer education about healthy foods, organic gardening, and sustainable living;
  4. partner with communities to promote local food systems; and
  5. promote policies and practices that improve sustainable and organic farming in our state.
Quarterly newsletter, The Dirt; a monthly eNewsletter, The eDirt; a Local Food Guide; Direct Marketing Workbook & Comparative Tool; Organic Growing Notebook.

Georgia Organics
P.O. Box 8924,
Atlanta GA 31106.
Phone: (678) 702-0400
Fax: (678) 702-0401


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