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International Certification Services, Inc.

  International Certification Services, Inc.
  Fort Berthold Community College
  National Sunflower Association
  North Dakota Department of Agriculture
  North Dakota State University
  Sitting Bull College
  Turtle Mountain Community College
  United Tribes Technical College

Program Description
The private company was born as Farm Verified Organic, Inc. (FVO) in 1979, issuing its’ first certifications in 1980. In 1999, FVO's Board of Directors reincorporated the company as ICS and moved the FVO program under ICS' umbrella. This move has allowed ICS to explore other areas of certification. ICS is accredited by the USDA and operates the USDA National Organic Program as well as it’s private FVO program which is accredited by The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), Conseil des appellations agroalimentaires du Québec (CAAQ), and accredited to ISO 65 by the USDA. ICS’ FVO program is also approved by Bio Suisse to perform certification on their behalf allowing ICS clients access to the coveted Bio Suisse “BUD” label for Switzerland. ICS can also review clients to
EEC 2092/91 for ease of product export to the European Union and has a close relationship with a Japanese certifier, allowing expedited entry in Japan under Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) certification. ICS certifies producers, processors, handlers, textiles, greenhouses, wild harvest, turf and recreational areas, inputs, pet food, personal care products, and more.

Brent Schulz
International Certification Services, Inc,
301 5th Ave SE,
Medina, ND 58467.
Phone: (701) 486-3578
Fax: (701) 486-3580


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