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Kansas Rural Center

  Kansas Black Farmers Association
  EPA’s National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center
  Haskell Indian Nations University
  Kansas Rural Center
  Kansas State University

Program Description
The Kansas Rural Center is a private non-profit research, education, and advocacy organization promoting a sustainable agriculture and food system. Our programs cover a range of practical how to information and hands-on training for environmentally sound production practices, business planning, alternative marketing strategies (including direct marketing, community supported agriculture, farmers markets, and processing co-ops) to cost-share programs for implementing water quality protection measures on-farm, to policy advocacy and development to encourage local food production and buying, institutional food purchasing, and to provide the public with analysis and information on state and federal farm and food policy.

Rural Papers (Newsletter 8 to 10 times a year); Management Guide Series; River Friendly Farm Plan Environmental Assessment.

Dan Nagengast, Executive Director
Kansas Rural Center
P.O. Box 133,
304 Pratt Street,
Whiting, KS 66552.
Phone: (785) 873-3431


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