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The Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture

  The Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture
  Langston University
  Needful Provision, Inc.
  Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry
  Oklahoma State University

Program Description
The Center offers information on sustainable agriculture topics. Special concerns include natural resources; human and animal health; food quality and safety; environmental pollution; and the status of the family farm and farm communities.

Conferences, workshops, field days, and seminars are also offered by the Center. Specialists are available for speaking engagements on topics related to soils, crops, pastures, livestock, horticulture, farm management, forestry, wildlife and sustainability.

Produces a newsletter, factsheets, reports and manuals for farmers, gardeners, business owners, and the public.

Alan Ware,
The Kerr Center,
P. O. Box 588,
Poteau, OK 74953.
Phone: (918) 647-9123
Fax: (918) 647-8712


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