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Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

  State Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources
  Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
  University of Maine
  Maine Agriculture Center

Program Description
We are a nonprofit organization committed to small farm production of food by sustainable/organic practices. MOFGA supports organic farming through many staff and volunteer activities. We offer technical assistance to farmers and gardeners. Put on the Common Ground Fair every September (more than 50,000 attendees learn about small farming, gardening and rural life) operate a farm-apprentice program and more.

Fact sheets; Organic Farmers' Guide to Interpretation of a Standard Soil Test; Maine Organic Farmer and Gardener Newsletter.

Russell Libby
Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners
P.O. Box 170,
Unity, ME 04988.
Phone: (207) 568-4142


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