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  Section: Small Farm Resource » NORTH CAROLINA
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North Carolina A&T State University & North Carolina State University

  Carolina Farm Stewardship Association
  Land Loss Prevention Project
  North Carolina A&T State University & North Carolina State University
  North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  Operation Spring Plant
  Rural Southern Voice for Peace
  Southern Rural Development Initiative

Program Description
The Small Farm Programs at North Carolina A&T State University Cooperative Extension Program, and North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension Service combine the efforts of specialists, agents, technicians and volunteers to deliver information and technical assistance to small farmers. A number of state Cooperative Extension major programs have elements related to small and limited resource farmers, and our programs designed to address these needs benefit from collaboration, and in some cases, joint leadership.

Dan Lyons
North Carolina A&T State University
Cooperative Extension Program
p. o. Box 21928
Greensboro, NC 27420-1928
Phone: (336) 334-7734
Fax: (336) 334-7298

Roger G. Crickenberger
North Carolina State University,
Box 7602, Raleigh, NC 27695-7602.
Phone: (919) 515-3252
Fax:(919) 515-3135


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