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North Dakota State University

  International Certification Services, Inc.
  Fort Berthold Community College
  National Sunflower Association
  North Dakota Department of Agriculture
  North Dakota State University
  Sitting Bull College
  Turtle Mountain Community College
  United Tribes Technical College

Program Description
The North Dakota State University Extension Service provides people with the reliable information they need to succeed in today’s increasingly complex world and prepare for the future. The Extension Service strives to be a vibrant, modern educational network that helps North Dakotans improve their quality of life. Extension offers knowledge that’s based on the latest research locally and at other universities across the country and around the world.

Brad Brummond,
Walsh County Extension Building, 101,
County Road 12B,
Park River, ND 58270-4131.
Phone: (701) 284-6248
FAX (701) 284-7383

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