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Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service

  Cornell University
Community Food and Agriculture Program
Cornell Small Farms Program
NY Farmnet
  Empire State Family Farm Alliance
  Greenmarket Program
  The National Campaign for Sustainable agriculture, Inc
  National Immigrant Farming Initiative
  New Farmer Development Project
  New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets
  Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service
  Rural Development Leadership Network
  The U.S. Composting Council

Program Description
NRAES is an interdisciplinary, issueoriented program sponsored by cooperative extension of fourteen member land grant universities in the Northeastern U.S.

A wide range of publications are available, including: Used Farm Equipment (123NRAES25/$7.00); Farming Alternatives (123NRAES32 /$8.00); Produce Handling for Direct Marketing (123NRAES51/$8.00); Facilities for Roadside Markets (123NRAES52 /$8.00);Bramble Production Guide (123NRAES35/$45.00); Highbush Blueberry Production Guide (123NRAES 55/$48.00).

Marty Sailus, Director
NRAES, Cooperative Extension,
P O B 4557,
Ithaca, New York 14852-4557.
Phone: (607) 255- 7654
Fax: (607) 254-8770


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