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The Ohio State University

  American Small Farm Magazine
  Ohio Department of Agriculture
  Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association
  The Ohio State University
OSU Enterprise Center
OSU South Centers Horticulture Program

Program Description
Ohio has a very large number of small/part-time farmers who are gainfully employed off the farm. Many of these individuals seek research-based information that is convenient and easily adapted to their available resources and management system.

The following teams have interacted closely with small farms to enhance profit-ability and sustainability.
  • Forage Utilization/Integrated Resource Management Team.
  • Swine Educator's Team.
  • Consumer Horticulture Team.
  • "Management Excel" Team.
  • Internet Assistance/Access.
Steven Baertsche,
32 Ag Admin Building,
Ohio State University,
2120 Fyffe Road,
Columbus, OH 43210.
Phone: (614) 292-4077
Fax: (614) 292-3747


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