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Organic Farming Research Foundation

  The Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association
  Bio-Integral Resource Center
  California Department of Food and Agriculture
  California Farmlink
  California Federation of Certified Farmers Markets
  Community Alliance with Family Farmers
  Community Food Security Coalition
  D-Q University
  Farm Conference
  Fresno County Refugee Microenterprise Development Program
  National Hmong American Farmers
  Organic Farming Research Foundation
  University of California, Davis, Small Farm Program
  University of California, Santa Cruz
  Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems

Program Description
OFRF was founded in 1990 to foster the improvement and widespread adoption of organic farming practices. OFRF is a national, public-interest organization. Working organic farmers make up the majority of our Board of Directors.
Our strategic goals are to achieve:
  • a broad base of science-based knowledge to support modern organic farming systems.
  • a public and policy community that are well-informed about organic farming issues.
  • Equity in public research funding for organic farming.
  • Economic sustainability for organic family farms.
Jonathon Landeck
Organic Farming Research Foundation
P.O. Box 440,
Santa Cruz, CA 95061.
Phone: (831) 426-6606
Fax: (831) 426-6670


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