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Purdue University

  Conservation Technology Information Center
  Indiana State Department of Agriculture
  National FFA Organization
  Purdue University

Program Description
The Purdue Small Farms and Sustainable Agriculture Team, consisting of 7 faculty, 9 county Extension educators, and 5 area Extension specialists, provides programming statewide. Team priorities are established in consultation with an External Advisory Council. The desired long term outcome of the Team is economically and socially strengthened rural communities. The two target audiences are individuals and families seeking to enhance income opportunities from small farm enterprises and individuals and families seeking to enhance their quality of life from small farming. Current activities include Beginning Organic Farming workshops, a direct marketing workshop, tours of organic farms and alternative livestock production systems, aquaculture workshops, IPM of horticultural crops for underserved audiences, pastured poultry, goat production, and the basics of small farm profitability. The Team also provides mini-grants to members to conduct innovative professional development and educational activities.

Rick Foster
Purdue University,
901 W. State Street, Smith Hall,
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2152.
Phone: (765) 494-9572
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