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  Carolina Farm Stewardship Association
  Land Loss Prevention Project
  North Carolina A&T State University & North Carolina State University
  North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  Operation Spring Plant
  Rural Southern Voice for Peace
  Southern Rural Development Initiative

Program Description
Dedicated to community, equity and diversity in agriculture. While focusing on North Carolina and the southeastern United States, RAFI also works nationally and internationally. RAFI-USA is playing a leadership role in responding to major agricultural trends and creating a movement among farm, environmental and consumer groups to: Promote sustainable agriculture, strengthen family farms and rural communities, protect the diversity of plants, animals and people, and ensure responsible use of new technologies.

Betty Bailey, Executive Director RAFI
PO Box 640,
Pittsboro, NC 27312.
Phone: (919) 542 - 1396.
Fax: (919) 542 - 0069


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