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Small Farm Today

  Missouri Farmers Union
  The Kansas City Food Circle
  Christian Agriculture Stewardship Institute
  Lincoln University Jefferson City
  Missouri Department of Agriculture
  Missouri Rural Crisis Center
  North American Equipment Dealers Association
  Small Farm Today
  University of Missouri/Missouri Alternatives Center

Small Farm Today is published on a farm, by a farmer and provides accurate and tested information for its loyal readership. The magazine goes to farmers in all 50 states and is on the newsstands in 12 states. Small Farm Today is an idea bank and a resource list for small farmers, that features how-to articles on profitable breeds of livestock, small livestock, draft animals, poultry, alternative crops, vegetable and small fruit crops, aquaculture, marketing, wool & fiber, home-based business, equipment, gardening, rural living and more. It reports on current methods and old techniques, and promotes a wide variety of practices and crops. It emphasizes diversity, sustainability, and profitability.

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