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Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program

  Fort Valley State University
  Georgia Department of Agriculture
  Georgia Organics
  Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
  University of Georgia

Program Description
Southern region SARE currently administers seven types of grants aimed at different audiences: professional agricultural researchers; producers; agricultural educators such as extension agents; graduate students and communities.
Applicants should visit www.southern sare to determine which grants are best suited for their purpose and audience. Potential applicants without internet access can contact the office and request a copy of the Southern SARE Regional Brochure and a media kit.

A large variety of publications about SARE and sustainable agriculture are available online at or by contacting the Southern SARE office.

Paige Patton
SARE clerk
Phone: (770) 412-4787
Gwen Roland
Communications Specialist
Southern Region SARE
1109 Experiment Street,
Griffin, GA 30223.
Ph: (770) 412-4786
Fax: (770) 412-4789


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