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Southern University and A&M College

  Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry
  Louisiana State University
  Southern University and A&M College

Program Description
The Louisiana Family Farm Technical Assistance Program (LFFTAP). Program personnel advise farmers on sound practices with respect to record keeping, production practices, alternative cropping system, marketing strategies, loan and loan repayment programs. Farmers assisted have become current with their accounts or, have graduated from agency to commercial banks.

Current program initiatives include the following:
  • Production of holstein steers as a source of lean beef under Louisiana conditions.
  • Agronomic evaluation of kenaf as a potential forage for small animal production.
  • Rabbit production project for Louisiana. Herbs as alternative crops for Small Scale Farmers. Specialty crops.
Dawn Mellion Patton
Southern University and A&M College,
Cooperative Extension Service,
141 A.O. Williams Hall,
PO Box 10010,
Baton Rouge, LA 70813.
Phone: (225) 771-2242


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