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Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

  Agricultural Marketing Service
  National Organic Program
  Agricultural Research Service
  Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
Small farm program
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
  Economic Research Service
  Farm Service Agency
  Food and Nutrition Service
  Foreign Agricultural Service
  Forest Service
  National Agricultural Statistics Service
  Natural Resources Conservation Service
  National Office of Outreach
  Risk Management Agency
  Rural Development
  U.S. DHHS: Office of Refugee Resettlement
  University of the District of Columbia

Program Description
SARE works to increase knowledge about and help farmers and ranchers adopt practices that improve profits, protect the environment and enhance quality of life.

To advance such knowledge nationwide, SARE administers a competitive grants program through four regional host institutions based at land-grant universities, under the guidance of regional Administrative Councils composed of farmers and ranchers, agribusiness, university research and extension faculty and administrators, state and federal government agency staff and representatives from non-profit organizations.

SARE has funded over 3,000 projects since 1988, including research and education projects, professional development projects, and producer grants in which farmers and ranchers lead on-farm research and education. Other grant opportunities are available in some SARE regions, including grants for graduate students, community development practitioners, and educators conducting on-farm research.

SARE Program, Stop 2223,
1400 Independence Avenue, S. W.,
Washington, DC 20250-2223.
Phone: (202) 720-6527


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