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University of Arizona

  Arizona Department of Agriculture
  Developing Innovations in Navajo Education
  Dine College
  University of Arizona

Program Description
The Arizona Cooperative Extension Small Farm Program is conducted by individual Extension agents within counties. Our efforts address a wide variety of programming issues. Most small farm operators grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, and berries for direct market. Direct marketing commonly takes the form of farmers' markets, roadside stands, and U-pick operations. Extension agents assist growers in production techniques, marketing, and record keeping. Increase in public interest in fresh fruits and vegetables, and agricultural tourism has fueled an increasing demand for direct marketing.

Rick Gibson
University of Arizona Coop. Extension,
820 E. Cottonwood Lane, Bldg. C
Casa Grande, AZ 85222.
Phone: (520) 836-5221
Fax: (520) 836-1750


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