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University of Florida

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  Florida A&M University
  Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
  University of Florida

Program Description
The University of Florida's Cooperative Extension Service works with small farmers throughout the State through its Small Farm Sustainable Agriculture Program. The program focuses on:
  1. development and dissemination of production technologies appropriate for smaller scale farming;
  2. alternative crop and livestock enterprises;
  3. entrepreneurship training;
  4. innovating marketing strategies; and
  5. development of small farm leadership organizations.
In the Farmer-to-Farmer Network program, the University of Florida county staff works with local farmers to develop farmer organizations that focus on leadership development, marketing strategies, and development of alternative enterprises. The University maintains 3 databases on the Web of special interest to small farmers. These databases have dozens of items useful to small farmers.

Mickie Swisher
University of Florida
3031 McCarty Hall
Gainesville, FL 32611-0310
Phone: (352) 392-2202

  1. Organic production practices txt/fairs/43803
  2. Alternative Crops txt/fairs/19313
  3. Small Farm Handbook
Some of the alternative enterprise opportunities include production reviews of the following: blueberry, blackberry, catfish, muskmelon, pecan, and watermelon.


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