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University of Missouri/Missouri Alternatives Center

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  Missouri Department of Agriculture
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  University of Missouri/Missouri Alternatives Center

Program Description
University of Missouri Extension provides research-based education and information to small farmers to enhance profitability, strengthen communities and protect the environment. A variety of educational programs, tailored to meet specific interests, address goal-setting, decision making, business planning, alternative crops and animals, and marketing strategies. Discipline-based programs include the overall themes of agricultural business management, integrated crop management/horticulture, livestock production systems, environmental quality, and natural resources. Below are the current named and major programs in each of several focus areas.

In addition to classes, workshops and seminars delivered by state and regional extension faculty, MU Extension uses the latest technology to reach producers: AgEbb ( is an electronic network and web site for farmers and farm businesses.

Most University Outreach and Extension publication series can be found on line at: Phone:(800) 292-0969.

For additional resource pages, go to Statewide Ag and Natural Resources Extension agnrextension.asp

Dave Baker
University of Missouri,
2-28 Agriculture Building,
Columbia, MO 65211.
Phone: (573) 882-6385
Fax: (573) 884-7993

Programs of Interest to Small Farms at the University of Missouri:
  • Agriculture Experiment Station -
  • Center for Agroforestry at the University of Missouri -
  • Community Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture - dex.htm
  • Food Circles Networking Project -
  • Horticulture - x.htm
  • Farmers' Market Directory dex.htm
  • Missouri Produce Auctions on/index.htm
  • Missouri Fruit and Vegetable Growers Database
  • Northwest Missouri Horticulture Variety Testing index.htm
  • Top Crops - Fruit Production Newsletter ps.htm
  • Missouri Environment & Garden Newsletter ndex.htm
  • Heartland Horticulture index.htm
  • Show-Me Vegetables meveg.pdf
  • Missouri Alternatives Center -
  • Missouri Show-Me Select Heifer Program - x.htm
  • Poultry - Small Flock and Youth ultry/index.htm

Pinpointing the answers you need
Program Description
There has never been greater diversity in the types of farms and people engaged in alternative agriculture ventures in Missouri. If you are part of this group of innovators, you know you are also in the midst of an information explosion. Yet, like the 'Ancient Mariner,' surrounded by water but with nothing to drink, you might find yourself drowning in information but unable to put your finger on exactly what you need to answer your specific questions.

MAC is here to sort through the masses of information and point you in the right direction. At MAC, we work to improve your profitability while maintaining the agricultural base needed to sustain rural communities, by giving you access to the information you need.

MAC serves as a communications center for Missouri farmers, Extension staff, government personal and people who want to begin farming, diversify their current operation, or find ways to profit from small amounts of acreage.

The center has answered more than 200,000 information requests on approximately 5,000 topics since opening in 1989:
· Aquaculture - catfish, bait fish, trout
· fruits and vegetables
· sheep, meat & dairy goats and rabbits
· exotic livestock - ostriches, etc
· niche marketing, farmers markets, direct-to-consumer marketing, U-pick
· chickens, pastured poultry and game birds - quail, pheasant
· organic farming and certification
· herbs - medicinal and culinary
· beginning farming

The MAC Linklist covers hundreds of alternative agriculture topics, from agritourism to vermiculture. We have compiled a list of links to Extension Guide Sheets from some of the top university research centers in the world. Clicking on the links provides immediate access to unbiased, research based information on exactly the topic you're looking for:

Ag Opportunities is a bimonthly enewsletter of the Missouri Alternatives Center. It keeps you up to date with news on alternative opportunities, resources and a calendar of events. To subscribe, go to e/subscribe/agopportunities.asp.

Debi Kelly, Project Manager
Missouri Alternatives Center,
3 Whitten Hall,
Columbia, MO 65211.
Phone: (573) 882-1905
or 1-800-433-3704 (Missouri Only)
Fax: (573) 882-1955


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