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University of Nebraska Lincoln

  Center for Rural Affairs
  Nebraska Department of Agriculture
  Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society
  University of Nebraska Lincoln
  Center for Applied Rural Innovation

Program Description
The University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension is targeting small-scale and part-time farming needs.

A sample of programs in this area includes a Rural Advantage Conference which is held jointly with the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society. It is a two day conference held at locations thorough out Eastern Nebraska emphasizing alternative agriculture, direct marketing opportunities, and other information. Farm BeginningsTM is a program designed to encourage and help new farmers begin their operation. Acreage Answers is a combination of workshops and newsletters designed specifically for acreage owners around the metropolitan areas of Nebraska. The Nebraska Farm Cooperative is a program originating from UNL to bring producers and consumers together in a direct marketing program.

In addition, Small/Part Time farming funding is being used to support private organizations such as the CropsinNebraska program which is a program for ethnic minorities in Lincoln to return to agriculture through gardening. The Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society is being provided funding for a number of programs including the development of a videotape on small and part time farming opportunities in Nebraska.

Our program emphasis includes working with both public and private individuals and groups to provide help to small and part-time farming operators.

James M. Peterson
University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension,
Box 325 - 1718 Washington Street,
Blair, Nebraska 68008.
Phone: (402) 426-9455
Fax (402) 426- 3577

Web: ges/index.jsp. Since January 1, 2006, the University of Nebraska Lincoln has gone to a web-only for most publications such as NebGuides.
The physical address for publications is:
104 Ag Hall - East Campus
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Lincoln Nebraska 68583-0918
Telephone (402) 472-2821
Email: Communications @ Informational Technology


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