Edible Plant Species

Debregeasia edulis Wedd. Urticaceae.
The plant is called janatsi-itsigo or toon itsigo. Its berries are edible.

Decaisnea insignis Hook. f. & Thorns. Berberideae (Lardizabalaceae).
The fruit is of a pale yellow color and is full of a white, juicy pulp that is very sweet and pleasant; the fruit is eagerly sought after by the Lepchas.

Dendrobium speciosum Sm. Orchideae. ROCK-LILY.
This orchid, found growing upon rocks, has large pseudobulbs, the size of cucumbers, which are said to be eaten by the natives.

Dendrocalamus hamiltonii Nees & Arn. Gramineae.
This stately bamboo is called pao by the Lepchas and wah by the Mechis in Sikkim. The young shoots are boiled and eaten.

Desmoncus prunifer Poepp. Palmae.
The acid-sweet fruit is edible.

Detarium senegalense J. F. Gmel. Leguminosae. DATTOCK.
Tropical Africa.
The fruits are about the size of an apricot. Underneath the thin outer covering there is a quantity of green, farinaceous, edible pulp intermixed with stringy fibres that proceed from the inner and bony covering which encloses the single seed. There are two varieties; one bitter, the other sweet. The latter is sold in the markets and is prized by the negroes.