Animal Biotechnology

Animal Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture

  » Requirements for animal cell, tissue and organ culture
    » Substrates for cell culture
    » Substrate treatment
    » Culture media
      » Natural media
      » Synthetic media
    » Sterilization of glassware, equipments and culture media
    » Isolation of animal material (tissue)
      » Disaggregation of tissue (physical and enzymatic methods)
      » Establishment of cell culture
  » Cultivation of animal cell en masse in bioreactor
  » Immobilized cell culture
  » Insect cell culture
  » Somatic cell culture
  » Organ culture
    » Organ culture on plasma clots
    » Organ culture on agar
    » Organ culture in liquid medium
    » Whole embryo culture
  » Valuable products from cell cultures
    » Monoclonal antibodies
    » Production of commercial products from insect culture

Manipulation of Reproduction and Transgenic Animals

  » Manipulation of reproduction in animals
    » Artificial insemination
      » Semen collection and its storage
      » Ovulation control
      » Sperm sexing
    » Embryo transfer
      » Multiple ovulation (superovulation)   
      » Multiple ovulation with embryo transfer
      » Embryo splitting
      » Embryo sexing
    » In vitro fertilization (IVF) technology
      » In vitro Maturation (IVM) of oocytes
      » Culture of in vitro fertilized embryos
    » Embryo Cloning
      » Quadriparental hybrid
      » Nuclear trans­ plantation (Dolly)
      » Embryonic stem cells
  » In vitro fertilization and embryo transfer in humans
    » Infertilities in humans
      » Male sterility
      » Female sterility
    » Who benefits IVF
    » How the patients for IVF treated
      » Indicators of ovary stimulation
      » Oocyte recovery and uptake
      » Semen preparation
    » IVF and embryo transfer
  » Transgenic animals
    » Strategies for gene transfer
      » Transfer of animal cells/embryo
      » Treatment through microinjection
      » Targeted gene transfer
    » Transgenic animals
    » Transgenic sheep
    » Transgenic fish
    » Animal bioreactor and molecular farming
  » Application of molecular genetics
    » Selected traits and their breeding into livestock
      » Diagnosis, elimination and breeding strategies of genetic diseases
    » Application of molecular genetics in improvement of livestock
      » Hybridization based markers
      » PCR-based markers
      » Properties of molecular markers
      » Application of molecular markers
      » Transgenic breeding strategies