Genus Acidanthera

These are tender bulbs from Africa that belong to the Iris family, Iridaceae. They need the same treatment as Gladiolus, but need a longer growing season. This is why it is better, in the North, to plant groups of them in large tubs or pots; they are set outside during the summer and brought into a cool greenhouse before frost. They will bloom in late autumn. A. bicolor has white and purple flowers. Its variety is Murielae and they are both fragrant and the most hardy. They may be planted outdoors permanently in mild climates. POTTING: The bulbs are potted in the spring in two-thirds loam, one-third leaf mold and a liberal amount of sand. Once the leaves have died, watering is ceased and the soil is kept dry throughout the winter until the bulbs are repotted.


The small bulbs or offsets are detached and potted individually, when repotting the bulbs in the spring.


A. bicolor and its variety Murielae