These plants are commonly known as Bishop's Weed, Goutweed, or Groundelder. They are creeping perennials, usually grown as a ground cover, growing from 4 to 6 inches high. A. podagraria variegatum has aromatic leaves, which are divided into 3 to 9 oval, pointed, serrated leaflets. They are grayish-green unevenly edged with creamy-white. They produce tiny, white flowers in the summer, though they are unnoticeable. This Aegopodium is the only one worth planting, for it isn't as aggressive as the green-leaved species, which may become a weedy pest.


This plant roots deeply, therefore you may not want to grow it in a rock garden or any other place where it would be difficult to extirpate and may do harm to other plants. Groundelder can be cultivated in any soil as long as it isn't soggy. They will survive in sun or light shade. Pull off the dead flowers to prevent the formation of seeds and keep the plants under control somewhat.


They may be divided in the spring or fall.


  • A. podagraria variegatum;
  • A. podagraria (Less desired green-leaved plant.).