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Dicot Plants

Classification of Plants
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  Dicot Plants
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Lavendula spp. (lavender) 25
Mentha spp. (mint) 25
Salvia spp. (sage) 900
Thymus spp. (thyme) 350

Glycine max (soybean)
Medicago sativa (alfalfa)
Phaseolus vulgaris (common bean)
Pisum sativum (garden pea)

Fragaria spp. (strawberry) 12
Malus spp. (apple) 35
Prunus spp. (plum, peach, cherry,
almond) 200

Pyrus spp. (pear) 30
Rubus spp. (raspberry, blackberry) 250
Capsicum annuum (chili, sweet pepper)
Lycopersicum esculentum (tomato)
Solanum tuberosum (potato)


Allium cepa (onion)
A. sativum (garlic)
Narcissus spp. (daffodil) 50

Hemerocallis spp. (daylily) 15
Lilium spp. (lily) 100
Tulipa spp. (tulip) 100

Festuca spp. (fescue) 400
Poa spp. (bluegrass) 500
Zea mays (sweet corn)

Source: Christopher Brickell and Judith D. Zuk, The American Horticultural Society A–Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants (New York: DK Publishing, 1996).


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