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  Section: Medicinal Plants /Mulching Practices
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Mulching Practices

⇒ Why Mulching is Essential?
  ⇒ Mulch and Microlife Activities
  ⇒ Activity of Earthworm
  ⇒ Weed Suppression
  ⇒ Impenetrable Sheets of Plastic
  ⇒ Birds and Mulch Disturbance
  ⇒ Loose Non-Organic Mulches
  ⇒ Mulch and Retention of Moisture
  ⇒ Gravel and Stone Mulches
  ⇒ Control of Temperature
  ⇒ Protection Soil Against Erosion
  ⇒ Control of Pest and Disease
  ⇒ Appearance
⇒ Drawbacks of Mulching
⇒ Types of Mulch
  ⇒ Loose Organic and Non-Organic Mulches
  ⇒ Impermeable And/Or Impenetrable Mulches

It is any kind of material that is applied on top of the soil, such as straw, compost, manure, chipped bark and plastic sheets but there are many other highly effective materials which are sometimes overlooked. Its function vary considerably. It is mainly used for soil enrichment and weed suppression. It also help in moisture retention, temperature modification (above and below ground level), soil texture, pest and disease protection and appearance.


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