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Mississippi State University

  Alcorn State University
  Mississippi Association of Cooperatives
  Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce
  Mississippi State University

Program Description
Numerous small farm educational programs are presently being conducted in Mississippi. These programs are shared jointly by Mississippi State University (MSU) and the Alcorn Cooperative Extension Program at Alcorn State University.

Many of our small farm programs in the Extension Service at MSU are centered around beginning farmers and vegetable enterprises. Numerous other enterprises and projects are a part of our small farm efforts but these two represent a significant part of our efforts.

Gregg Ibendahl
Department of Agricultural Economics,
P.O. Box 5187,
Mississippi State, MS 39762.
Phone - office: (662) 325-2887
Phone - cell: (662) 312-0307
Fax: (662) 325-8777

Chris Sowers
Extension Support Services,
Box 9670,
Mississippi State,
MS 39762.
Phone: (662) 325 - 2164


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