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University of Idaho

  Idaho Department of Agriculture
  Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute
  University of Idaho

Program Description
Extension program activities for Small Farms throughout Idaho are directed towards helping Idaho producers and landowners to protect their natural resources while optimizing their farm related businesses. We provide up-todate information and resources on sustainable production techniques, direct marketing, and value-added opportunities for a vast array of specialty crops and livestock.

The Idaho Extension Small Farm web site provides current information on current activities, educational events, publications and links to partner organizations and universities at This site is an integral component of and linked to our UI Sustainable Agriculture site

Some examples of the multi-dimensional programming we provide to fit varying audience needs include:
  1. Host Annual Small Farm Conferences in both southern and northern Idaho locations.
  2. Host farm tours, workshops and short courses on small-farm related topics in many county locations.
  3. Offer annual in-depth courses: Living on the Land, Sustainable Small Acreage Farming and Ranching and Agricultural Entrepreneurship in various locations throughout Idaho.
  4. Offer Certificates of Completion to academic and farmer students who take a series of courses offered through Cultivating Success (a cooperatively developed program between University of Idaho, Washington State University and Rural Roots, a sustainable small and family farming organization).
  5. Develop and distribute a variety of extension publications, on-line documents and a series of small farm case study videos.
  6. Distribute the annual newsletter, Idaho Small Farm News and Views, through Idaho county extension offices and at conferences and events. 2000 hard copies; also on the web.
  7. Build networks of farmers and partnerships with organizations and agencies.
  8. Assist producers in identifying and developing research and education projects in sustainable agriculture.
Cinda Williams
University of Idaho
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
PO Box 442339,
Moscow, ID 83844-2339.
Phone: (208) 885-7499
Fax: (208) 885-7760

see complete list of publications at:
Kristin Johnson
Educational Publicati
ons University of Idaho
P.O. Box 442240
Moscow, ID 83844-2240
Phone: 208-885-7982
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