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  Section: Anatomy of Vertebrate Animals » The Muscles and the Viscera
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Extrinsic muscles attached to the pectoral and pelvic arches, on the dorsal aspect


Extrinsic muscles attached to the pectoral and pelvic arches, on the dorsal aspect
In the fore-limb, the cleidomastoideus, from the posterolateral region of the skull to the clavicle; the trapezius, from the skull and spines of many of the vertebrae to the scapula and clavicle; the rhomhoidei, from the spines of vertebrae to the vertebral edge of the scapula, beneath the foregoing. Sometimes there is a tracheloacromialis, from the transverse processes of the cervical vertebrae to the scapula.

On the ventral aspect, the subclavius, which passes from the anterior rib to the clavicle, may be regarded as, in part, a muscle of the limb; the pectoralis minor, from the ribs to the coracoid.

Between the dorsal and the ventral aspects muscular fibres arise from the cervical and dorsal ribs, and pass to the inner aspect of the vertebral end of the scapula: anteriorly, these are called levator anguli scapulae posteriorly, serratus magnus.

An omohyoid muscle frequently connects the scapula with the hyoidean arch.

The posterior limb does not seem to offer any muscles exactly homologous with the foregoing. So far, however, as the recti abdominis, the obliquus extermis, and the fibres of the erector spince, are attached to the pelvic girdle, they correspond in a general way with the pre-axial, or protractor, muscles of the pectoral arch; and the ischio-coccygeal muscles, when they are developed, are, in relation to the pelvic arch, retractors, though, owing to the relative fixity of the pelvis, they act in protracting, or flexing, the caudal region.

The psoas minor, proceeding from the under surfaces of posterior dorsal (or lumbar) vertebrae to the ilium, or pubis, is a protractor of the pelvis, but, as a hyposkeletal muscle, has no homologue in the fore-limb.


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