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  Section: General Biotechnology / Animal Biotechnology
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Animal Biotechnology



Animal Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture


Requirements for animal cell, tissue and organ culture



Substrates for cell culture



Substrate treatment



Culture media




Natural media




Synthetic media



Sterilization of glassware, equipments and culture media



Isolation of animal material (tissue)




Disaggregation of tissue (physical and enzymatic methods)




Establishment of cell culture


Cultivation of animal cell en masse in bioreactor


Immobilized cell culture


Insect cell culture


Somatic cell culture


Organ culture



Organ culture on plasma clots



Organ culture on agar



Organ culture in liquid medium



Whole embryo culture


Valuable products from cell cultures



Monoclonal antibodies



Production of commercial products from insect culture






Manipulation of Reproduction and Transgenic Animals


Manipulation of reproduction in animals



Artificial insemination




Semen collection and its storage




Ovulation control




Sperm sexing



Embryo transfer




Multiple ovulation (superovulation)   




Multiple ovulation with embryo transfer




Embryo splitting




Embryo sexing



In vitro fertilization (IVF) technology




In vitro Maturation (IVM) of oocytes




Culture of in vitro fertilized embryos



Embryo Cloning




Quadriparental hybrid




Nuclear trans­ plantation (Dolly)




Embryonic stem cells


In vitro fertilization and embryo transfer in humans



Infertilities in humans




Male sterility




Female sterility



Who benefits IVF



How the patients for IVF treated




Indicators of ovary stimulation




Oocyte recovery and uptake




Semen preparation



IVF and embryo transfer


Transgenic animals



Strategies for gene transfer




Transfer of animal cells/embryo




Treatment through microinjection




Targeted gene transfer



Transgenic animals



Transgenic sheep



Transgenic fish



Animal bioreactor and molecular farming


Application of molecular genetics



Selected traits and their breeding into livestock




Diagnosis, elimination and breeding strategies of genetic diseases



Application of molecular genetics in improvement of livestock




Hybridization based markers




PCR-based markers




Properties of molecular markers




Application of molecular markers




Transgenic breeding strategies


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