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Arkansas Land and Farm Develop Corp.

  Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas
  Arkansas Land and Farm Development Cooperation
  Arkansas State Department of Agriculture
  Dale Bumpers Small Farm Research Center
  Delta Land and Community, Inc.
  Arkansas Land and Farm Develop Corp.
  University of Arkansas
  University of Arkansas Pine Bluff
  Winrock International

Program Description
A grassroots organization of landowners, farmers, rural and small town residents in 42 counties in east and south Arkansas, ALFDC's mission is to stem the land loss of black Arkansas families and encourage farming and land based economic development. It has helped organize cooperatives, provided technical assistance, and is conducting a highly successful youth program for minorities in the Mississippi Delta region of the state.

Arnold Smith or Calvin King
Arkansas Land & Farm Development Corporation
Route 2 Box 291,
Brinkley, AR, 72021.
Phone: (501) 734-1140
Fax: (501) 734-3570
Web: st/c11.html


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