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Dale Bumpers Small Farm Research Center

  Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas
  Arkansas Land and Farm Development Cooperation
  Arkansas State Department of Agriculture
  Dale Bumpers Small Farm Research Center
  Delta Land and Community, Inc.
  Arkansas Land and Farm Develop Corp.
  University of Arkansas
  University of Arkansas Pine Bluff
  Winrock International

Program Description
The mission of the Dale Bumpers Small Farms Research Center is to develop scientific principles and technologies to enhance the profitability of small scale farms. Small farms are threatened by a lack of profitability. Research at the Center seeks knowledge that will increase profitability of small farms by reducing inputs and capturing a greater proportion of the post-farm value. A multi-disciplinary team of 5 ARS scientists, in cooperation with federal, state, and private organizations, pursue a program of basic and applied research that addresses constraints to successful sustainable livestock-forage and agroforestry systems. Acquired knowledge and technology is transferred to the agricultural community through the efforts of ARS scientists and their cooperators.

David Brauer
Supervisory Research Agronomist
Dale Bumpers Small Farms Research Center
6883 South State Highway 23
Booneville AR 72927
Phone: (479) 675- 3834
Fax: (479) 675-2940


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