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  Section: Small Farm Resource » ALABAMA
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Auburn University

  Alabama A&M University
  Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries
  Auburn University
  Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund
  Tuscaloosa Community Supported Agriculture Project
  Tuskegee University

Program Description
The Alabama Cooperative Extension has a comprehensive program which includes small scale and limited income farm clientele. Our Cooperative Extension Service agents and specialists spend a significant part of their time in activities relating to small-scale and limited income programs. Examples of the diverse types of activities with staff involvement include: vegetables, goat production, caged catfish production, sorghum and cane syrup production.

David J. Cline Auburn University 203 Swingle Hall Auburn, AL 36849 Phone:(334) 844-2874 Fax:(334) 844-0830 E-mail:


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